Peer-reviewed Articles

‘The Spatiality of Politics: Cesare Battisti’s Regional and International Thought, 1900–1916’. Modern Intellectual History, 2021 pp. 1–24. (link)

‘State, Power and Global Order’, International Relations, 2019, (Link).

‘The Value of Space: American Geopolitics in the 1950s’, The International History Review, 2019 (link).

‘Amica America: Raymond Aron’s Views on Franco-American Relations in 1945’, The Tocqueville Review, 39(2), (2018) pp. 35–50. (link)

Elisabetta Brighi and Or Rosenboim, ‘Realismo e geopolitica nell’Italia della Guerra Fredda’, Memoria e Ricerca 1, 2016. (Link)

‘Geopolitics and Empire: Visions of Regional World Orders in the 1940s’, Modern Intellectual History, 12, 2,  (2015), pp 353-381 (link). 

‘Barbara Wootton, Friedrich Hayek and the debate on democratic federalism in the 1940s’, The International History Review, (special issue on British traditions of international thought, edited by Mark Bevir and Ian Hall, published online 2014) (link).

‘Geopolitics and Democracy in Owen Lattimore’s Political Thought’, The International History Review, (Published online September 2013) (link).

‘From the private to the public and back again: The international thought of David Mitrany, 1940-1949’, Cahiers Européens 2, 2013 (link).

‘L’impero della liberta’: imperialismo e internazionalismo nel pensiero liberale inglese, 1914-1936′ Contemporanea 17 vol 1, 2014 (link).

Book Chapters

Or Rosenboim and Liane Hartnett,  International Political Thought and Historical International Relations. In de Carvalho, B., Leira, H. and Costa Lopez, J. (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Historical International Relations, 2021. ISBN 978-0-8153-4764-4.

‘A Plan for Plenty: The International Thought of Barbara Wootton’, in Patricia Owens and Katharina Rietzler (eds),Women in International Thought, (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

‘Threads and Boundaries: Rethinking the Intellectual History of International Relations’, in Nicolas Guilhot and Brian C. Schmidt (eds.) Historiographical Investigations in International Relations (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

‘Repenser l’état dans un espace devenu mondial : la pansée de Raymond Aron sur les relations internationales, 1940-1949’ in Joël Mouric (ed.) Raymond Aron et la défense de la Liberté (Bernard de Fallois, 2016).

‘Christian Democracy and International Relations: Luigi Sturzo’s wartime writings’, in Christian Democracy (EUI e-book 2016).

‘Geopolitics as radical nationalism: interpreting Ratzel in Italy, 1900-1916’, in Ian Hall (ed.) Radicals, Reactionaries and Revolutionaries (Palgrave, 2015).

‘Political Realism and Geopolitics in the 1940s’, in Alessandro Campi (ed.), Il Realismo Politico (Rubbettino Editore, 2015).

Book reviews

Review of The worlds of American intellectual history in Global Intellectual History, 4, 2019. (link)

Review of Negotiations of the “New World”: The Omnipresence of “Global” as a Political Phenomenon by Sabine Selchow in New Global Studies, 12, 3, 2018. (link)

Review of The Companion to Raymond Aron by Jose Colen and Elisabeth Dutartre-Michaut (eds.) Political Studies Review 15 (2017).

Review of The Weimar Century by Udi Greenberg in The Immanent Frame, November 2016. (Link)

Review of Christian Human Rights by Samuel Moyn, in The Immanent Frame, June 2015. (Link)

Review of Reading Hayek in the 21st century by Theo Papaioannou, in Political Studies Review, May 2014 (link).

Review of Political Spaces by Carlo Galli, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol. 24, issue 2, 2011 (link).

Review of International Relations and Identity: A dialogical approach by Xavier Guillaume, in Political Studies Review, vol. 10, issue 1, 2012 (link).

Review of  A Whole New World: reinventing international studies for the post-Western world, by Pierre P. Lizee, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol. 25, issue 4, 2012 (link).


I contribute to online publication including, Maison d’Exceptions, Saloona,, Politics in Spires,


I’ve co-authored the book Orto: Nature, Inspiration, food with Ilana Efrati (Travels in the Wardrobe Press, 2019).

I’ve contributed regularly to leading Israeli publications, such as the architecture magazine Binyan Vediur (, the culinary magazine Al Hashulchan, and the prominent online lifestyle and design magazine Xnet (published by Israeli’s most read newspaper Yediot Achronot).

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